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What happens during a Ki-hara session?

During each session, your current condition will be assessed - the strength and flexibility of muscles we are focusing on and possible causes of the imbalance.  


To prep the muscle, we may do some Thai-mash-shiatsu or "mashing" where the trainer uses her feet to massage the muscles to make them more pliable and ready for the stretch.


Then we work on individual muscles to strengthen and stretch them in varied positions depending on your comfort.  Ki-hara stretching can be done on a mat on the floor or a table.  Straps may be necessary to stabilize the hips and legs to prevent compensatory movements.


For partner/group stretches, the trainer will guide the participants on self-stretches and strength exercises targeting the upper body, trunk and lower body muscles.




KAREN GONZALEZ is a registered physical therapist and has been in practice in Florida for over 20 years.  She provides continuing education seminars to physical therapists and has spoken in different states about running performance and injury prevention.  


She is a Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer and is a Certified Level I Track and Field Coach with the USATF specializing in proper mechanics and treatment of injuries. 

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Pain and injury can wreak havoc on the body and constrict many of the everyday things people need and love to do. Physical therapist Karen Gonzalez is here for you. Karen’s life work is to drastically improve quality of life as she strives to push the body to work beyond expectations. She is able to examine and identify areas of concern in the body, then skillfully utilize techniques to increase mobility and function as pain and impairments decrease. Through hard work and determination from the patient and the therapist alike, Karen believes in achieving freedom of the body and that there is a win in every inch of mobility gained.

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