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Beginner Bungee

Enter the world of weightlessness with this introductory bungee class. Hang with us and strengthen your body through intense core training while being suspended off of the ground! This class is for everyone from the unfamiliar to professional dancers. Do not underestimate this class, because the rigorous combinations of moves will challenge everyone. 

Intermediate Bungee

Once you’ve conquered the beginner class, take the next challenge and fly with us as we begin challenging gravity. Practice combinations and learn to explore more dynamic movements in the bungee. Level up and train with us as we lift off to new aerial fitness heights!

Advanced Bungee

Not for the faint of heart, this class is for experienced aerialists only. Come soar with us as you free yourself from gravity. Train challenging moves and combinations to truly test your mettle. Join us as we lift off, bound and spin in this creative, high-intensity class.

Core Bungee

Engage in a hardcore ab workout, super spy style! Hang around with us and practice static movement combinations that will blast you to the core.

Flight Club

Flock with us as we leap and bound through the air in this movement intensive class. Focusing on large movements and jumps, this class will not only be an intense core workout, but also counts as leg day as we attempt to get maximum hang time, experiencing true lift off.

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Our Programs
Our Programs
Aerial Bungee


Stretch and strengthen your muscle with this intricate technique of Ki-Hara Eccentric Resistance stretching.  Learn self-stretches and assisted stretches to keep your muscles long and strong.  We target in increasing strength throughout the range.  This class is a must for injury prevention and recovery.

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