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"I came


I could


... Charlie Parker

Where Science and Art of Movement Come
Together to Take You to New Heights

Kinesis, the Movement Studio is a locale for aerial bungee fitness, a unique and exhilarating experience that takes purposeful, artistic movement and sends you soaring above your fitness goals. Strap in and get ready to fly as bungee workouts take you take you off your feet and give you the full freedom of motion while suspended above the ground.


This is anything but a conventional gym. These workout programs shatter the way you think about getting and staying fit. Exclusive in the Tampa Bay area, our Grounded Aerial® certified trainers utilize a deep understanding of the science of how the body works and benefits from the free motion to give you a workout that is designed to maximize your workout potential – all while being an amazingly fun, artistic experience.


We take a holistic approach to the body with our classes through Aerial Bungee, Ki-Hara®, Dance, Physical Therapy, and more to bring innovative fitness programs to people of all ages, sizes and skill levels.


The sky is the limit!




Testament to Karen's Healing Abilities

- Lu T.

I spent years being treated by many different practitioners using different modalities, attempting to keep my body from falling to right side & lacking strength in lower right side of body.  After 6 weeks  2x per week sessions with Karen what was untreatable now  no longer limits me in any way...

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